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Wax & Shine

Wax And Shine Serious Car Care!

Here at Wax and Shine Mobile Detail car wash we Specialize in all of your car detailing needs. We offer a range of services starting from basic car wash to full auto detail. We get the job done in a timely manner and we treat every customer like family.


Our mission here at Wax and Shine Mobile Detail car wash is to always go above and beyond the Henderson, NV mobile car detailing competition. Wax and shine detail car wash wants to provide the best auto detailing and Car reconditioning services to the Henderson areas. Our detailers treat every vehicle as if it were one of their own. We only use the highest quality auto detailing and reconditioning products in the industry.


We are dedicated to provide quality service and customer satisfaction at a great value, offering convenient hours and our mobile car wash service allows us to be flexible. We come to homes, offices, malls and supermarket parking lots. making it convenient for our customers with tight schedules.


Our crew members are all trained and skilled and fully equipped with equipment and supplies to deliver the best results in the car detailing industry.


We offer multiple services at great value to meet your needs. We offer Premium service while saving you time and money.


Here in the Henderson and Las Vegas areas, we understand the problems that high temperatures and bad weather can create, airborne contamination include corrosive particles in the air Also damaging are sand and gravel agents that gets stuck into the road asphalt and get flushed to the surface by rain. We recommend that drivers around Henderson and Las Vegas keep these tips in mind:

  • Keep your vehicle in a garage whenever possible to avoid unnecessary exposure that can damage your car.

  • Avoid parking near sprinklers because they can damage your paint and cause water spot if left untreated.

  • You need to wash your car immediately after it rains. because the pollution delivered in the drops of water can damage the paint and clear coat.

  • Apply Wax or Paint sealant At least twice a years to keep your car exterior protected at all times.


The Finish is in the Shine


Exposure to Sun’s UV, road oils,bird droppings and other various pollutants in the environment in Henderson deteriorate Cars, Boats, motorcycle and RV’s. The best way to help prevent permanent damage is with regular washing. At Wax And Shine Mobile Auto Detailing, we utilize the best and most effective auto detailing chemicals in the industry to remove dirt safely while guaranteeing and protecting the finish and intensifying the shine.

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